Why the name "Mr Bear" ?
  In Africa....

Zambia is shown in darker green.

A few years back I was teaching at the UNZA, University of Zambia. My students were really friendly and bright. But being brought up in a former British colony, they had a little too much respect for their teachers. Even when the teacher were about their age.

I wanted them to call me Bjorn, but they insisted on: Mr Bergloff (as if my name was Russian).

After a few months, and after me telling them that Björn means Bear in Swedish, they started calling me Mr Bear.

  Computers do not handle strange letters kindly. Not practical ... and common !
Most operating systems (and most non-swedish keyboards) will not use characters as: å, ä or ö. Even if you are able to enter them, my name sometimes comes out as Bj=6Ern Bergl~f to the receiver.

Another problem with my name is that it is quite common. On one contract my boss was called Björn, and his boss was also called Björn. Needless to say; I needed a new name!
  The company Björn translates to The Bear in Swedish.
So when I started my own company, it came natural to choose Mr Bear AB as its name. 

The logo shows an ant holding a chip in its mouth (or its mandibles).

The logotype

  If you don't speak Swedish:
  The dots over some vowels in Swedish ( å, ä, ö ) is actually creating 3 new vowels. As an English-speaking person it is always easiest and safest to pronounce names and words as if the dots didn't exist.   It is common in Scandinavia that names derive from nature. E.g. my full name Björn Berglöf translates directly into Bear Mountain-leaf.